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Tyrrell Systems was formed as a limited company in 1998. The focus of the company from its inception was to deliver first class integration services, to include project work, design, service and support. We have a large number of note worthy customers, prestigious sites and a growing, satisfied customer base. The sites and end users we serve are a testament to our integration expertise and our commitment to lasting relationships. We were the first North Approved Systems Partner (NASP) in the UK, as well being a Tridium AX Development Partner, a Tridium Systems Integrator, and now a Trend Integrator (TIS). Our approved status with these key manufacturers assures our customers that we have the highest level of training and knowledge to deliver and support our integration projects.

Main areas of service provision.

Our Systems

Building Systems Integration


Integrated Control and Monitoring

Our Systems

Intelligent Fire Systems

Our Systems

Maintenance, Support and Training


Registered office: Tyrrell Systems Ltd, Crown House, 4 High Street, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8AL
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