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eBMS demo

eBMS is what we call our enterprise building management system.

Our eBMS demo shows a simple, real-life example of how we can utilise IP connectivity for graphics hosting, alarm reporting bureaus and remote support. You can look around the floor plans of a real building and see live values such as temperatures alongside live status of fire and smoke heads, lighting, security PIRs and door access. You can also see Alarm logs and history in either tabular or graphical displays.

To look around the demo site you will need to enter the username "Demo" with a capital D and leave the password box blank.

Click here to access eBMS demo site

See our Hosting page for more information on this new technology or give our office a call to speak to a member of staff about the possibilities we offer.

The Communicator on the demo site connects to the following building control systems:

  • North BT ZiP data aquisition/control modules
  • North BT ZiP door access modules
  • Fermax MDS door entry system
  • Kidde VegaNET fire detection system
  • Honeywell Galaxy intruder detection system
  • Onboard Process control via North BT ObvEngine
  • Socomec ModBUS electricty meters
  • Connections to Tridum Niagara AX via BacNETIP / LONWorks / ModBUS / OPC
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