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Demonstration system


The system installed in our main office, Leigh incorporates the following sub-systems:

  • Lighting and occupancy control system

  • Fire detection and alarm system

  • Intruder detection system

  • Door entry system

  • Boiler and heating control system

  • Electricity metering

  • TextAlert to ‘on call engineers’

Hardware includes:

  • Computer running eBMS Client edition

  • Communicator 4 port cw battery backed power supply

  • 2 x Tridium Jace platforms

  • North Zip Module

Our System


To view the eBMS/Mobile demo

  1. Search for 'ebms/mobile' in the Apple App store and download the app for free
  2. In the iPhone settings select the eBMS/Mobile section. This is in the overall iPhone settings menu alongside other general settings such as Sounds, Wi-Fi and Carrier.
  3. Enter the following details into the eBMS/Mobile settings section:

    Server Details
    IP Address – ebmsmobile.tyrrellsystems.com
    HTTP Port – 8090
    Niagara Version – 3.5 or Later
    Supervisor or JACE? – Supervisor
    Numeric Adjustments
    Allow without min or max values? – No

  4. Return to the iPhone home screen and launch the app by selecting the eBMS/Mobile icon
  5. Login using the following credentials:

    username: ebms
    password: vegas

Registered office: Tyrrell Systems Ltd, Crown House, 4 High Street, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8AL
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