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Communicator is Tyrrell Systems' complete single box integration solution which has proven itself to be not only more cost effective but also more powerful than traditional building control solutions.

Totally extensible and configurable, the Communicator offers connectivity for up to 8 directly connected systems via a range of over 250 different interfaces using connectivity to North ObSys and other extensions.

With on-board process control modules, as well as offering unparalleled integration technology, the Communicator will also easily take care of any HVAC or plant control tasks via any one of a number of connected Input / Output systems.

Once initially configured via the terminal programmer or on-board LCD, Ethernet networking is provided for web services by eBMS Web Server as well as being the chosen method for configuration and engineering.
cScape LCD interface provides a local means of controlling and monitoring data / control points from the local or any remotely connected system around the local area network or on the other side of the world.

Physically, the Communicator is available as a wall-mounting unit.
For a live demonstration of eBMS please go to www.ebms.tyrrellsystems.com the login is "Demo" with a capital D and no password.

For more information please contact us or download the Communicator datasheet.

To see a full list of systems that Communicator can connect to please see the Connectivity section.

Complete and customised training courses are available for this product; please contact us for more information.

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