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Receive alarms in real time to be easily viewed, acknowledged and cleared.

Multiple Hosting

Designated sites can be monitored and altered at a glance, eliminating manual site logins.


Analyse the current day, previous week and even prior month in one interface that caters for both basic and advanced users.




eBMS/Mobile for iPad is developed with all the great features of eBMS/Mobile but keeps in mind the needs of the power user or facilities manager. With it's unique and well-designed graphically centered user interface, eBMS/Mobile for iPad provides a feature-rich and beautiful way to manage your integrated building control and monitoring systems and more, using wireless or 3G networking.

eBMS/Mobile for iPad takes full advantage of the power of the Niagara AX framework from Tridium which boasts over 250,000 installations worldwide. The custom-built graphical user interface permeates throughout every feature: monitoring and adjustment of data points (such as temperatures and presets), viewing of graphs, time schedule extensions, and the viewing and acceptance of alarms from Niagara and the connected systems.

Building on the solid foundation of eBMS/Mobile, eBMS/Mobile for iPad also boasts a zero-engineering installation process that searches out existing configurations, graphics, schedules & alarm stores and automatically brings these through to the device.

The broad functionality makes this app an attractive addition for any building, facilities manager or owner of a high-end dwelling, providing a comprehensive interface to replace your PC based / Web based user interface.


Graphically led to view live alarm data of your building

eBMS/Mobile for iPad has a straight-forward, fast access intuitive drop down menu layout, and a large area graphical display, taking maximum advantage of the iPad’s screen area.
Through the interface, users are notified of alarms as soon as they occur, in real time. With live data being sent continuously from your Niagara Framework to eBMS/Mobile for iPad, the interface is always kept right up-to-date.
Users can accept and clear alarms, accelerating the process to react and tackle issues intelligently as they become known.




eBMS/Mobile for iPad allows you to view live values for your building and make adjustments as you see fit - you get the freedom to control your building at your own convenience, whether on or off site.




View HX graphics from your Niagara Platform on eBMS/Mobile for iPad in an environment developed for the power user. With powerful drop down menus detailing all data points in full sight, this app offers the fastest possible access to the information you need, right when you need it. This enables speedy identification of equipment or plant control located within the premises.



Benefits of eBMS/Mobile for iPad

  • Direct Communication from your Niagra Framework enables real time access to your building, guaranteeing complete control at all times of operation
  • Live alarms sent instantly to your device to instigate a rapid response
  • Graphic-Centric to assure clear navigation of your building in an accessible format which replaces your PC/Web based browser
  • Multiple Hosting allows single sign-on to access to numerous sites opposed to the traditional and time consuming task of inputting login details on each visit
  • View concise historical data of core systems to empower the user to confidently analyse information to direct future decisions.
  • Allocate administrative privileges to key staff to control specific sites

All these benefits are available within 15 minutes of purchase

For all eBMS/Mobile enquiries, please contact us on www.tyrrellproducts.com

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