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For all eBMS/Mobile enquiries, please contact us on www.tyrrellproducts.com


Gain a panoramic view of your entire building; data points, temperatures and presets



A full, sequenced history of readings in an accessible graphical format




Enables you to instantly adjust data point from your iPhone



Review and make manual adjustments to time functions.


Receive, acknowledge and clear alarms


View HX Graphics extracted from your Niagara AX Framework


eBMS/Mobile from Tyrrell Systems Ltd allows the management of building control and monitoring systems via the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices using wireless or 3G networking. Based on the Niagara AX framework from Tridium, it collaborates with intruder alarms, fire alarms, temperature controls and the connected systems.

Functions provided include monitoring and adjustment of data points (such as temperatures and presets), viewing of graphs, extension of time schedules and the ability to view, accept and clear system alarms -- all through an intuitive user interface.

Coupled with the power of our COMMUNICATOR range of products, it enables over 250 different types of sub-system, irrespective of manufacturer or communications protocol, to be connected to eBMS/Mobile, resulting in a diverse integration platform for any building technician, facilities manager or owner of a high-end dwelling.


Be Specific

With its graphical design philosophy centred on the user, eBMS/Mobile allows you to start with a broad view of all your readings with the option to drill down to an exact area of interest or importance.

You can examine any item of data in your site to check its status and make adjustments to react to real-time events. With a single touch you have the ability to access alarms, view historical information and extend time schedules from your iPhone, giving you complete control over your building.






  • Complete Global control of your buildings from your iPhone ensures peace of mind
  • Regular feedback from critical systems directly to your device
  • Adjust time schedules to react to real time needs
  • Zero-engineering setup within 15 minutes of installation grants access to existing configurations, graphics, schedules and alarm stores
  • All features are easily accessible through the same, consistent and intuitive interface for all users.
  • One license provides unlimited users with simultaneous access to all data, enabling the flow of key communication
  • Access controls available to grant or restrict permissions to specific users.
  • View historical graphs to inform future decisions
  • 12 months technical support via telephone & email
All these benefits are available within 15 minutes of purchase





For all eBMS/Mobile enquiries, please contact us on www.tyrrellproducts.com



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