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Tyrrell Systems Ltd are a North Approved Systems Partner (NASP); we have a 9 year track record in providing numerous high quality solutions using North products. As a NASP we can supply, install and commission North products to the highest possible standards and have a commitment to a programme of ongoing training and resourcing. As a NASP we are able to support the entire North product range as well as having the ability to influence product development and implementation of future developments.

Compass Points

Compass is inexpensive, easily engineered and reliable, and with around 7000 Compass units in operation worldwide, it is also thoroughly proven. Compass is supported by leading system manufacturers, OEMs and systems integrators. With Compass you can link virtually any building automation system - air conditioning, fire detection, power, lighting, chillers much more. You can even combine different manufacturers' controls and give obsolete systems a new lease of life. The control, monitoring and operation of discrete systems - such as lighting, access and security - can be unified to enhance building performance and facilities management. Compass is compatible with leading network standards, including MODBUS, Echelon, EIB and BACnet.
To see a full list of systems that Compass points can connect to please see the Connectivity section.


Commander makes the cost-effective convergence of building services and IT networks a reality. Whether your need is for peer-to-peer high-level networking for integrated systems, or to link remote sites onto existing IT networks for
Take control of your Zip networks - Commander with the ZiP distributed data acquisition interface instantly creates a small building controller. Suitable for small buildings where it is desirable to introduce low-cost monitoring and control, such as small shops, cabins, and houses.

To see a full list of systems that Commander can connect to please see the Connectivity section.

ZiP Data Acquisition

Zip is a modular data acquisition and control system that combines "plug-and-go" engineering with data transfer across Compass and IT networks. Zip is ideal for distributed monitoring and switching applications where network communications are essential. Typical uses include monitoring and generating alarms for temperature, humidity and doors in IT server racks, or monitoring the status of uninterrupted power supplies and stand-by generators. ZiP can also be used for collecting data for environmental logging, such as temperature values in refrigeration units and cold stores.
ZiP is also available as a door access controller module, allowing one data network to be used for monitoring, plant control and door access applications.


Complete and customised training courses are available for the entire North product range; please contact us for more information.

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