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Switched on to Tyrrell systems integrated solutions

Global Crossing @ Global Switch Amsterdam, a newly constructed and one of the largest data centres in Europe has installed a state of the art integration solution supplied and commissioned by Tyrrell Systems. The centre provides hosting solutions as well as hosted managed services for mid to large size enterprise customers with services including monitoring, backup, security, storage solutions and server management.

Tyrrell Systems installed a Communicator 10 port device to interface with the relevant sub systems. Included within the system design was requirement for a local eBMS graphical user interface with remote connectivity back to Global Crossing’s main headquarters located in Docklands, UK.

Systems Monitored include:

  • PDU's for customer circuits via ModBus
  • Power Metering via ModBus
  • Leak Detection via ModBus
  • Fire Detection System ADT Fire & Security
  • Aspirating Early Warning Smoke Detection (Vesda)
  • Temperatures – MCB States
  • AC Units

Royal Bolton Hospital


Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has recently installed a new fire detection and alarm system in the Main Accident & Emergency and adjoining E,F and G blocks. The fire system incorporating 6 new addressable fire control panels networked together and over 1800 automatic detectors and manual call points has been integrated with the site wide CrossTalk graphical alarm monitoring system bringing the total number of systems connected to 31. The CrossTalk system originally installed back in 2007 by Tyrrell Systems to monitor the legacy site fire panel network has now been expanded to incorporate a 2nd network. The system was originally chosen for its flexibility as a rolling programme of upgrades was envisaged over the coming years with an aim of upgrading the fire detection systems to L1 standard. Within the main entrance to the Accident & Emergency unit a wall mounted CrossTalk display panel has been installed enabling critical alarm information to be relayed to the fire brigade on arrival.

The Royal Bolton Hospital currently employs around 3600 staff and has 671 inpatient beds with 48 day case beds available. With over 32,300 emergency admissions in 2008 the hospitals Accident & Emergency unit forms a major function within the community, serving the population of Bolton (265,000) and surrounding areas.

Blue water shopping centre

Tyrrell Systems partner with Control Network Solutions to bring a hybrid North Building Technologies / Tridium Niagara AX solution to meet the integration demands of Britain's largest shopping centre.

Global crossing

April 2007 Tyrrell Systems will start a UK roll out converting the existing Global Crossing data sites to an up to date fully integrated monitoring system using Communicator as the integration backbone.

Sunderland housing group

During 2006 / 2007 Tyrrell Systems teamed with 20-20 Vision to roll out an IP based fire monitoring system for Sunderland Housing Group.  The monitoring system consisted of Commanders connected to various fire panels from Gent, Protec and Kidde with an ObSys head end monitoring over 26 sites.

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