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Tyrrell Systems Ltd is an independent, specialist company purely focused on all aspects of building systems and process control integration.

Integration in buildings allows the best control, monitoring and life safety systems from different manufacturers to work together to provide a total integrated building management system. We believe that this level of optimisation, human interface and control is not possible with technology currently called BMS. Integration provides the only intelligent BMS for the complete building and all of it's plant and complex electronic control and monitoring systems.

Tyrrell Systems Ltd have an expanding customer base which includes manufacturers, installers and systems houses; a position achievable only because of our strictly independent nature. To date, we have completed integration work for many sub-system manufacturers including HVAC controls manufacturers, chiller manufacturers, fire system manufacturers, communication specialists, access control manufacturers and more.

Our understanding of the manufacturers' products ensures that you can expect a high level of competence from our engineers no matter what systems are present within an integration project.

Registered office: Tyrrell Systems Ltd, Crown House, 4 High Street, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8AL
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