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What is integration?

Integration brings together 2 or more different control systems (i.e. Fire + CCTV) in a building or complex, so that they can operate as one system. This has a number of advantages to previous building management systems:

  • greater degree of simplicity/usability for the end-user
  • customers can choose the best system from each particular discipline without fear of compromising compatibility
  • building cause and effect strategy can be programmed through the integration layer
  • energy efficiency and dramatically reduced consumption can be achieved via the integration layer
  • the integrated layer provides true optimization of all the connected building systems

Integrate1: a. complete, form into whole; made up of parts; whole

Integrate2: v. complete by addition of parts; combine (parts) into a whole

Recent trends in design and specification have tried to use the well developed HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) controls equipment to take on a larger role in building management and automation than what it was originally designed for. More and more we see new buildings where integration is seen as a way of "bolting on" more information or compatibility into a HVAC control system - often with increased costs and to the detriment of the overall building performance.

True integration overcomes these problems, thus allowing manufacturers to develop their systems without constraints. Whichever method is required, Tyrrell Systems Ltd are able to offer help and advice to provide the best solution for the problem.

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