Tyrrell Systems

Maintenance, Support and Training


Regular maintenance and presence on-site guarantee that the you remain informed about the latest advancements in integration technology, ultimately simplifying and enhancing their facilities management. Our services involve engaging with users, understanding their operational challenges, and providing assistance to not only address their concerns but also gain valuable insights in the process.

Maintenance & Support

Customised coverage & support contract options for every customer’s site

Personalised coverage plans

We conduct comprehensive site-specific assessments to understand the unique requirements of each location. By offering flexible service levels, we provide varying degrees of coverage, from basic maintenance to full-service support, ensuring alignment with your operational needs and budget. Our scalable solutions adapt as your site grows or changes, maintaining optimal support throughout all phases of your business.

Enhanced Technical Assistance

Access a team of highly skilled technicians with expertise in your specific systems and technologies, ensuring you receive expert technical support. We guarantee rapid response times for critical issues, minimising downtime and maintaining productivity. We offer training sessions and workshops for your team to enhance their understanding and capability to manage site-specific systems effectively.


Comprehensive programs & flexible options

Comprehensive Training Programs

Tyrrell Systems offers a variety of comprehensive training programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From in-depth Communicator training courses to foundational graphical engineering sessions, our programs cover a wide range of products and services. These programs are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize our systems and technologies.

Flexible Training Options

Recognising the importance of convenience and accessibility, Tyrrell Systems provides flexible training options for our clients. In addition to our dedicated training facility at our Leigh offices, we offer the flexibility to arrange training sessions on-site, accommodating the unique scheduling needs of each client. This ensures that training can be conducted at a time and location that best suits the preferences and requirements of our clients.