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BMS System Integration

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At our core, we prioritise designing, installing, and commissioning forward-thinking systems that embody futureproofing, integration capabilities, and flexibility in connectivity and display. Our ultimate goal is to cater to the end-users and building operators, ensuring an optimal experience.

With a profound understanding of Tridium and North integrated solutions, we centre our expertise on eBMS/HVAC, which offers numerous advantages and a cost-effective approach for over 90% of typical HVAC controls projects. Our extensive knowledge as Trend OEM partners spans decades, dating back to the late 1980s, and enables us to adeptly handle various installations and products within the Trend ecosystem.

HVAC controls

We take pride in our proactive approach to incorporating the latest technology, allowing us to surpass our competitors and accomplish more in less time. When it comes to integrated HVAC control systems, we excel in delivering them up to four times faster compared to traditional methods like Trend.

Our preferred solutions revolve around web-based, integrated, and intelligent control systems that are not only highly efficient but also self-documenting, simplifying the entire process. We invite you to experience the difference in your next HVAC controls project by choosing us as your trusted partner. Let’s explore the possibilities together!

Control panels

At Tyrrell Systems, we provide a comprehensive range of control panels, switchgear, inverters, sensors, and all necessary components to meet your specific requirements. To ensure top-notch quality, we collaborate with experienced electrical partners who possess deep industry expertise and specialised knowledge in various sectors. This collaborative approach allows us to offer exceptional wiring solutions for controls and power-related needs, ensuring the successful execution of your projects.

Project management

Prior to commencing any project, we recognise the importance of instilling confidence by ensuring a solid foundation, delivering essential components, and meeting deadlines as promised. Our commitment to excellence begins with the initial proposal, where we dedicate extra attention to conducting detailed design work. This meticulous approach not only provides clarity on the offered scope but also establishes a clear understanding of the projected timeline and the necessary materials for successful project completion. 

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, we maintain open lines of communication through pre-contract meetings, comprehensive program of works, and regular progress reporting. These elements are an integral part of our standard procedures, ensuring transparency, accountability, and effective project management every step of the way. With this comprehensive approach, we aim to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results for our clients.