Intelligent Controls and Monitoring (BMS)

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Intelligent Controls and Monitoring

As with everything we do, we always design, install and commission systems that are future proof, have integration capabilities and are flexible in terms of connectivity and display for the end-user or building operator. We are experts in Tridium and North integrated solutions and we primarily focus on the use of eBMS/HVAC wherever possible due to the overwhelming benefits and low price point that can be achieved in over 90% of typical HVAC controls projects. We are also Trend OEM partners and have broad expertise in Trend for a variety of installations and products dating back to the late 1980s.

Our integrated controls packages also link in intelligent systems directly using Modbus, BACnet and all other open protocols used in packaged controls, metering and ancillary devices including variable speed drives.

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We stand out from the crowd in our adoption of the latest technology to achieve more in less time than our competitors. We can deliver integrated HVAC control systems up to four times faster than through traditional routes such as Trend. Our preferred solutions are web-based, integrated, intelligent control and self-documenting – try us on your next HVAC controls project.

We offer a full service including the provision of control panels, switchgear, inverters, sensors and every element required to meet the specification. We provide wiring for controls and related power through engagement with electrical partners with a high level of industry and sectorial experience.

Before the project gets under way, we understand the need to provide assurances that we will start on a sound footing, complete core elements and finish on time. For us, this starts in the original proposal, where we like to carry out more detailed design than most do; this allows us not only to be clear on what is being offered, but also the anticipated timescale, as well as the parts and pieces needed to complete the project. Pre-contract meetings, program of works and progress reporting is all part and parcel of what we do throughout a project.

We have a wealth of experience in the design and delivery of HVAC controls projects, both large and small. Our understanding assures that we choose not only the right products but also the correct design; as a result you can be confident that the system will work as expected and will have incorporated the latest technology, intelligence and integration techniques to maximise benefits at the lowest possible price.

eBMS/HVAC control system was used to provide controls, monitoring and integration of plant and services at a major new MOD development for 6 blocks. eBMS/HVAC, which is based on the Tridium Niagara AX framework running on JACE hardware, works with eBMS/IO modules to achieve comprehensive control of heating plant and the connection of metering.

eBMS/HVAC automatically produces graphics and also generates documentation and wiring schedules as part of the streamlined web-based engineering process. Hand/Off/Auto controls provided as standard on the IO modules are also monitored by the web-based interface and every point on the system is not only logged and alarm-enabled but can also be overridden through the user interface. The result is a web-based control system completed up to four times faster than that of traditional systems such as Trend or TAC.