Intelligent Fire Detection And Alarm System

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Our BAFE-approved team offers a range of professional and accredited services covering all aspects of fire protection, prevention and extinguishing. Not only do we have the experience and skills required to do a great job, but we also have access to the best fire systems technology and test equipment in the industry which ensures our clients get the optimal solution or service.

Our engineers have certification, software and expertise on Kidde, Kentec and Xtralis fire detection systems as well as all major manufacturers of gas suppression systems. When it comes to alerting the building occupants of a problem, we also have approved partnerships with Baldwin Boxall and Signet Voice Alarm system manufacturers. Tyrrell Systems designs, installs and commissions intelligent addressable fire detection and prevention systems in all market sectors and has extensive experience in data centres, hospitality, retail, commercial offices and the pharmaceutical sector.

Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable systems have the benefit of allowing multiple detectors of different types to be wired on one single common network or ‘loop’ which provides data and power to and from the detection devices. By programming the fire alarm panel with strategy and cause & effect, groups of detectors wired on the same loop of cable, passing through different spaces in a building, can be grouped into geographical or process-based zones to facilitate sensible alarm annunciation. Cause and effect can also include for double knock or other strategies to ensure that evacuation of certain zones only takes place when, for example, more than one detector is activated by smoke or heat. Multiple panels can be connected on one network and then linked to our graphical alarm reporting systems.

Gas Suppression

These systems are installed regularly in data halls and communications rooms, and prevent fire from taking hold by flooding the space with an inert gas, thereby starving substances of the oxygen that they need in order to burn. This protects valuable assets such as server rooms where the areas are not normally occupied by humans. The controls for these systems can be monitored and integrated into our user interfaces and alarm reporting mechanisms, and even linked to the intruder system to ensure that suppression is not left in manual control when the building is unoccupied.

Room Integrity Testing

The integrity of the room fabric is essential for gas suppression to work, and requires all holes be plugged and doors be correctly sealed in order for the gas suppression to be effective. We have the latest Retrotec test equipment for this job and we can provide these services to all our clients. Our state-of-the-art systems produce full reports on gas leakage to ensure that, if the gas is released, it does the job for which it was intended.

Aspirated Fire Detection and Early Warning Systems

It is usual to find these systems in data centers where air from plant and equipment is pulled through tubing to a central monitoring system. Analysis of the air reveals smoke content which can often provide early warning of impending fire in that area. Systems by Xtralis and Kidde can be integrated into our eBMS or CrossTalk user inter faces to provide ‘filter dirty’ notifications, smoke particle levels and alarm reporting.

Web-based GUIs & Alarm Reporting

With systems integration and reporting having always been part of our core competency, we can integrate together more than fifteen different manufacturers’ fire systems to provide a common graphical user interface and alarm management. We also offer open protocol BMS outputs so that fire status signals from zones and detectors can betaken advantage of by systems such as Modbus, BACnet & OPC.

Hilton Olympia required a way of monitoring the fire alarms via SMS messaging to eliminate false alarms and sending occupants onto the street in the middle of the night. Tyrrell Systems installed their Graphical Reporting system connected to 4 networked Kentec Syncro fire panels and installed TextAlert which repeats the alarm messages via SMS.

This gives the facilities managers crucial minutes to investigate the alarm during the search and seek time before the system goes into full alarm.

Brunel University has contracted Tyrrell Systems to upgrade their existing graphics fire alarm monitoring system that is predominantly hard wired to a fully resilient IP network. The site fire system is being gradually upgraded from Kidde fire panels to Kentec.

The client required both fire systems to run seamlessly together on the same GUI as the upgrade takes place. Each fire panel is now connected independently via a fire IP interface which has eliminated the need of the old hardwire network and we can easily change the driver to suit as the panel upgrade takes place.

The Pfizer site at Sandwich has contracted Tyrrell Systems to install, commission and maintain numerous fire monitoring systems from manufacturers including Kidde, Xtralis, Kentec and others. Kidd addressable fire detection systems handle complex cause and effect strategy for process plant as well as office space. Xtralis Vesda systems are also used extensively across the site as well as Voice Alarm systems, which are integrated to the different fire systems around the estate.

The entire suite is then linked into a fully integrated CrossTalk Graphical Alarm Reporting System on the IT network. There is a CrossTalk server and several network-based clients providing comprehensive alarm management, device isolation management and full interactive control through live graphics which reveal every detector and panel on the site.