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Smart Building Certification

Tyrrell Systems SmartScore Certification

Become a member of a global network of elite in-building tech experts, working at the forefront of innovation.

SmartScore AP certification sets the global standard for smart buildings, enabling landlords and developers to create cutting-edge spaces that deliver exceptional user experiences, enhance cost efficiency, uphold high sustainability standards, and are fully future-ready.

Tyrrell Systems SmartScore Certification

SmartScore AP certification defines what makes a building smart, offers guidance to achieve this status, and demonstrates the added value to your asset.

Attract and retain occupiers

In a competitive market with few differentiators, WiredScore certification positions your brand as tech-forward, enabling you to attract and retain occupiers.

Deliver and manage best-in-class assets
We provide the tools and data you need to deliver and manage top-tier technology across your portfolio, meeting the ever-evolving demands of occupiers.
Increase investor confidence

Show investors and the wider market that your asset is adapting to future demands and will remain attractive well into the future.

Enhance sustainability and efficiency

Achieve higher standards of sustainability and operational efficiency, demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility and cost-effective management.


SmartScore AP scorecard is meticulously designed to evaluate buildings based on the outcomes and benefits characteristic of a smart building. Our experts assess both the breadth and depth of implemented user stories, along with the supporting technology, processes, and procedures. This ensures that buildings meet the expectations of today's occupiers and are future-ready for tomorrow's innovations.

Key sections

User functionality – Evaluates the comprehensiveness and depth of implemented Smart User Stories:

  • Sustainability
  • Health and well-being
  • Safety
  • Services
  • Productivity
  • Optimisation

Technological foundation – Examines the in-building technology, processes, and procedures that support the user stories:

  • Connectivity
  • Building Systems
  • Integrated Network
  • Governance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Sharing