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Master System Integrator

The role of a Smart Buildings Master System Integrator play crucial role to ensure that subsystems and technologies within a smart building work together harmoniously, delivering maximum efficiency, comfort, and sustainability

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Haymarket, Edinburgh

Achieving WiredScore Platinum certification, the property implemented advanced features, including a fully automated Building Management System (BMS), intelligent lighting controls synchronised with daylight and occupancy patterns, and ventilation tailored to accommodate a high occupation density

A game-changer in the property management industry

Smart technologies have emerged as a viable and efficient solution for property owners and managers in addressing the myriad challenges that businesses encounter today

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We're a UK-based collective of building engineers, consultants, and experts specialising in operational technology design, integration, and optimisation. Using advanced technology and expertise, we're shaping the future of Commercial Real Estate with meticulous attention to our clients' needs.


Operational Technology
Master Systems Integrator

Operational Technology
Master Systems Integrator

Smart Building
IoT Solutions​

Operational Technology
Master Systems Integrator


Operational Technology
Master Systems Integrator

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WiredScore SmartScore AP

A SmartScore certified building signifies that it is optimised for the modern workplace, harnessing intelligent technologies to maximise efficiency, sustainability, and comfort.` From smart lighting and climate control to integrated communication systems, these buildings offer an unparalleled user experience. Employees benefit from an environment that adapts to their needs, boosting productivity and job satisfaction.