Tyrrell Systems

Graphical Engineering

As building systems become more and more powerful we recognise the need for graphical user interfaces that are capable of fully controlling and utilising such systems. It is for this reason that Tyrrell Systems have a dedicated Graphic Design department for your building systems; this incorporates all building systems from traditional HVAC front ends to newly developed fire monitoring systems such as CrossTalk.


We can present integrated systems in many different ways depending on the end users and/or the site based requirements.
These can be:

  • Standalone fixed function front ends. This is a traditional method to providing on site graphics, alarms and data logging facilities. This option often incurs high expenses for standalone proprietary software licences.


  • Client / Server front ends allowing control of the integrated systems to be distributed across site. As with standalone fixed function front ends, expensive software is required to provide limited connectivity to the integrated system.
  • Web based front ends, based on a single server / many client model. With internet technology becoming more and more reliable this method allows one central server to provide a graphical interface, alarm reporting and data logging facilities to unlimited web browser connections which are not limited to on-site connectivity. This method is becoming more and more popular with our customers negating the need for expensive fixed function software such as traditional BMS Front Ends.