Tyrrell Systems

Intelligent IoT Solutions

Tyrrell Systems is a trusted provider of comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, catering to diverse sectors including housing, hospitality, industrial, and commercial. 

We specialise in delivering cutting-edge technologies and leveraging advanced analytics to transform buildings into intelligent, connected spaces. Our solutions focus on enhancing occupant wellbeing, optimising building performance, and addressing critical issues such as energy wastage, fuel poverty, and mould in properties. 

What we do..

End-to-End IoT Solutions

We design and implement end-to-end IoT solutions tailored to the unique requirements of various sectors. 

Our team collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific needs and objectives.

Leveraging IoT devices, connectivity solutions, and cloud platforms, we create robust ecosystems that seamlessly connect and integrate diverse building systems.

Analytics and Insights

Our solutions harness the power of advanced analytics to extract actionable insights from IoT-generated data. By analysing data related to occupant wellbeing, building performance, energy consumption, and environmental conditions, we provide organisations with valuable insights.

These insights empower informed decision-making, enabling organisations to optimise occupant experiences, enhance building performance, and implement preventive measures.

Occupant Wellbeing Enhancement

We prioritise occupant wellbeing by creating intelligent environments that promote comfort, health, and productivity. Through real-time monitoring and analysis of factors such as air quality, temperature, humidity, and lighting, we ensure optimal indoor conditions.

Our solutions provide personalised settings, proactive notifications, and intelligent automation, fostering a conducive environment that enhances occupant satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

Building Performance Optimisation

Our solutions focus on optimising building performance through data-driven strategies. By monitoring and analysing data related to energy consumption, equipment performance, and maintenance needs, we identify areas of inefficiency and opportunities for improvement.

Through proactive interventions, energy optimisation techniques, and predictive maintenance, we help organisations reduce operational costs, enhance sustainability, and extend the lifespan of critical building assets.

Preventative Measures

We address critical issues such as energy wastage, fuel poverty, and mould mitigation through preventive measures. By leveraging analytics and IoT technologies, we identify patterns of energy wastage and implement energy-saving initiatives.

Additionally, we monitor environmental conditions and provide early detection of potential mould growth, enabling organisations to take timely action and mitigate risks to occupant health and property.

Benefits of Tyrrell Systems' IoT Solutions

Our solutions create intelligent environments that prioritise occupant comfort and health. Real-time monitoring, personalised settings, and intelligent automation ensure optimal indoor conditions, promoting occupant satisfaction, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

Through data-driven insights, we help organisations optimise building performance. By identifying areas of inefficiency, implementing energy-saving measures, and enabling predictive maintenance, our solutions reduce operational costs, improve sustainability, and enhance the longevity of building assets.

Our turnkey IoT solutions drive significant cost savings for organisations. By optimizing energy consumption, streamlining processes, and reducing maintenance costs, we improve operational efficiency and allocate resources effectively, resulting in long-term financial 

Our proactive approach helps organisations identify and address issues related to energy wastage, fuel poverty, and mould growth. By implementing preventive measures, organisations can reduce energy consumption, mitigate the risk of fuel poverty, and create healthier indoor environments with reduced mould-related health issues.

Leveraging advanced analytics, our solutions provide actionable insights that empower organisations to make informed decisions. Data-driven strategies optimise occupant experiences, enhance building performance, and drive continuous improvement.

Choose Tyrrell Systems as your trusted partner for turnkey IoT solutions. Together, we will transform your buildings, enhance occupant well-being, optimise performance, and achieve sustainable results. Contact us today to embark on your IoT journey. Keith Miller MD