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Smart Score

WiredScore: Redefining Connectivity

WiredScore accreditation empowers office building owners to demonstrate to potential tenants that their premises possess a cutting-edge, future-proof IT network.

With the WiredScore logo adorning the building, tenants can be assured of seamless connectivity, low downtime, and high-speed internet access. This certification has become a crucial factor for businesses relying on digital operations, attracting forward-thinking companies eager to invest in a technologically advanced workspace. 

SmartScore: Elevating User Experience 

A SmartScore certified building signifies that it is optimised for the modern workplace, harnessing intelligent technologies to maximise efficiency, sustainability, and comfort.`

From smart lighting and climate control to integrated communication systems, these buildings offer an unparalleled user experience. Employees benefit from an environment that adapts to their needs, boosting productivity and job satisfaction.

What we look as part of the certification process:

 User functionality: 

    • Sustainability 
    • Health and Well-being 
    • Safety 
    • Services
    • Productivity 
    • Optimisation 

 Technological foundation: 

    • Connectivity 
    • Building Systems 
    • Integrated Network 
    • Governance 
    • Cybersecurity 
    • Data Sharing 
WiredScore et SmartScore evaluation

The case for smart buildings is here:

According to research commissioned by CBRE, there is clear indication that tenants are willing to pay a premium for tech enabled smart buildings as well as office workers and building occupiers wanting their workspaces to be more technologically advanced and have the intention to invest in new workplace technology. 

Next Steps 

Embracing WiredScore and SmartScore accreditations is a strategic move that pays dividends for building owners. Beyond showcasing technological excellence, these certifications show that overall user experience is a priority, enabling building owners to attract high-profile tenants, and foster long-term tenant satisfaction. Investing in these accreditations is a testament to a commitment to progress, making office buildings future-ready and positioning them as leaders in the competitive real estate market.