Tyrrell Systems

Home Automation

The eBMS/Mobile App for iPad and iPhone delivers unrivaled beauty, power and ease of use for the control of all aspects of home automation at the best possible price. The software links to the Tridium Niagara AX platform and is designed by Tyrrell Products Limited, installed and commissioned by Tyrrell Systems into apartments and homes for the discerning user in the UK and abroad.




eBMS/Mobile is a suite of mobile apps & Tridium Niagara AX services that gives you the power to control, monitor &manage all the systems in a home from the palm of your hand. The app can be customised rapidly to provide widget groups of stylish controls that communicate over serial or IP connections to items such as air conditioning, heating, lighting, intruder systems, blinds, video door entry, media servers, and a range of audio/video equipment supported by our in-built remote controls.

Heating and A/C Control

We install and commission our eBMS/HVAC integrated control system using remote IO modules for the connection of valve actuators, discrete temperature sensors and plant control. Our systems control boilers, hot water delivery and under-floor heating. We intelligently integrate A/C units for full harmonious control and monitoring, with local and remote time control and set point adjustment through eBMS/Mobile for iOS devices.

Lighting Control

Our integrated control system can control all forms of lighting whether intelligent or switched, DALI or 0-10v. We provide control strategy for all the fittings in all the rooms and build scenes for end-user selection through eBMS/Mobile, which represents the state and view of the lights in question. Through an extensive range of low-cost distributed IO modules, we can also pick up global external and internal light levels to control communal and external lighting.

Video Door Entry/Security

By integrating security and video door entry, the eBMS solution becomes more cost effective and works more intuitively than when working with discrete systems. Users move from one widget group to the next, un-setting the intruder system, selecting lighting scenes and changing temperature set points with ease and simplicity. Since eBMS/Mobile connects across Wifi and 3G, alerts are delivered to the user should anything occur when they are not at home.

Audio/Video Systems

To complement the essential elements of control and monitoring for any dwelling we have a set of feature-rich, system specific, multi-point widget controls for AV equipment such as TV, satellite, cable, amplifiers and Apple TVs. You can even control the delivery of audio and video content hosted on Apple devices straight from within eBMS/Mobile, making it the only app you need to control, monitor, view and adjust every connected system in your home.